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. president obama's trip to china, why that country is increasingly more important to america. and why they may not be listening quite as closely to tuesday as they used to. safe at home. playing ball with joe torre. he'll talk about his foundation, his success and a little bit of baseball. the "wall street journal report" begins right now. >>> here's a look at what's making news. the american consumer may be in slightly better shape than many experts thought. retail sales for the month of october were release this week and sthoed an increase of 1.4%, nearly double what economists were looking for. that's important because consumers make up about 70% of the u.s. economy. the data helped push the markets up to a 13 month high on monday. they nudged higher again on tuesday but fell mid-week on weak economic data. there was mixed news on the inflation front. the producer price index which measure wholesale prices rose more slowly than expected. on the consumer price index which measures retail inflation came i slightly higher than expected because of rising energy prices. investment banki
begins right now. zimplt this is america's number one financial news program. now maria bartiromo. >>> here's what's making news as whaed into a new week on wall street. the closely watched jobs report was released on friday. the news was worse than most economists were looking for. the unemployment rate now stands at 10.2%. the highest level since 1983. the economy lost 190,000 jobs in the month of october. the dow, meanwhile, rocketed past 10,000 once again this week on thursday, climbing 200 points after strong economic data. the best day since july. on friday the markets continued up. the federal reserve's open market committee met this week and kept a key interest rate near zero. the flmc also left its statement on the economy essentially unchanged. some analysts were looking for more information on a possible exit strategy from such low interest rates. encouraging news for the automakers. year over year ford's auto sales were down less than 1% than october. gm's sales actually rose 4%. dow toi oata sales fell slightly while chrysler saw the worst performance falling more tha
and how much does it really matter? >>> fixing america broken retirement system and preparing your 401k. one of america's foremost experts on the subject explains what to do next. >>> and making an e-living on ebay. i'll go one-on-one with the ceo of the on-line giant to find out what's selling, what's not, and what's next. the wall street journal report begins right now. >>> here's what's making news as we head into a new week on wall street. the u.s. economy has started to grow once again in the third quarter of this year where. the gross domestic product produced by the economy was up by an annualized rate of 3.5% for the three-month period ending in septembe that was ahead of analyze' expectations and the first increase in a year. it was partly fueled by government-supported spending. the gdp propelled the dow upward nearly 200 points on thursday. the best gain in three months. on friday, though, the markets fell again. >>> earnings season rolled on with verizon beating analysts' expectings as did procter & gamble and energy giant chevron. exxonmobil fell short of expectations in sp
of the stock market. the wall street journal report begins right now. >> narrator: this is america's number one financial news program, "the wall street journal report." now maria bartiromo. >>> let's take a look at what's making news ae wed we head into a new week on wall street. president obama will be hosting a white house summit on jobs in december. the president is inviting leaders from the business world and the public sector to find weighs to create more jobs and put america back to work. the unemployment rate currently stands at 10.2%. a big deal in the woshld of technology. computer giant hewlett-packard is acquiring 3comin a deal valued at. that puts hp in a position to rival cisco. >>> fourth quarter earnings beat analyst expectations. the dow continued to set new highs for the year, soaring more than 200 points on monday, and rose for six straight sessions. the rally lost steam by thursday on weak economic data. on friday the markets rebounded. earnings season is winding down, but some companies are still reporting. dow compoen ebts disney and wal-mart beat analysts' expectings as d
to shop until you drop. a crucial weekend for retailers and for america's economy. take a look at black friday and why it matters and what it means. we will tackle a big subject, the future of capitalism with an all-star panel. a former presidential economic adviser and a man who runs a media empire and author turned strategist. we will talk job creation and innovation and the government. is the capitalist system broken, and can it be fixed and where do we go from here? the "wall street journal report" begins right now. >>> this is america's number one financial news program, the "wall street journal report." now, maria bartiromo. >>> now, here is bill griffeth with some of the stories making headlines this week. bill? >> thank you, maria. here's a look what's making news as we head into a new week on wall street. black friday has now come and gone, that day when many retailers hopefully move into the back and turn a profit for the year. and now analysts will be watching cyber monday, the start of the online holiday shopping season. the national association of retailers expects consumer
.com. >>> america's retirement system is broken, and the closer you are to it, the better you know it, so how do you fix it? what can be done? i recently sat down with roger fogerson, the teacher's retirent giant to get some answers. as always, the former vice chairman of the federal reserve. we talked about retirement as well as interest rates and when they might be moving higher soon. >> don't you think it's premature? >> it's not surprising to hear the calls because there is a lot of liquidity in the system. >> the economy is still fragile, and the fed will and should take its time before raising rates. >> is this a 2010 affair, do you think? >> if you were still there as vice chairman of t fed, what would be your recommendation? >> the answer ultimately depends on what the incoming date why tells them about the economy. >> we are coming out of the worst recession we've had in p 0 years. unemployment is still very much a problem, i would say, and, in fact, as you have seen already, while many businesses are doing well with respect to the bottom line, a lot of that has to do with cost cutting and
is making things right here in america. the american renewal is happening right now. zarchlgts mario gabelli has $25 billion under management. he has five five-star funds. mario, great to see you. >> great to be here. >> what a market we've seen. you've seen a massive rally since the lows in march. tell me what you've been doing in terms of investing. would you commit new capital to this market today after a 50-plus percent run since the lows? >> we basically like to find businesses that are cash ridge raters that have a margin of safety in terms of stock price versus the underlying value. >> we're finding ideas to buy. > do you think that the market has gotten ahead of itself, or is this just that we've seen this bullishness? >> you've gone from the panic of post-lehman to about the middle of march where we're trying to find an equal lib yum with the world that we see, and i think the market is finding the equal lib yum in here. i think it's okay. >> how do you make money if these markets? >> it's plain old stock picking. what companies deliver goods and services that people want, which on
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)